examiner.com “Top vegan ice creams for the summer time” — Press Date:  6/3/14

FOX News at The Great Highwood Pumpkin Fest 10/18/13  (You’ll see us carving pumpkins, our “Robin’s Frozen Fantasy” pumpkin, and our pumpkin ice cream!) — Press Date:  10/18/13

We are proud of  this wonderful write-up from Tasting Table 9/6/13  — Press Date:  9/6/13

At Highwood’s Garlic Fest with our Garlic Basil Healthy Hemp  Non-Dairy Ice Cream (Limited Edition) 8/14/13 — Press Dates:   8/9/13, 8/14/13

Robin’s Frozen Fantasy participated in Highwood’s Inferno Fest with our Cayenne Chocolate Healthy Hemp Non-Dairy Ice Cream (Limited Edition) 7/17/13 — Press Date:  7/17/13

Robin’s Frozen Fantasy was one of the vendors at The NOSH at Wicker Park on opening day 7/13/13 — Press Dates:  7/17/13, 7/19/13